Choosing the right suppliers

The event management industry is cut throat, be sure to stand out from the crowd and follow the simple steps that Creative Forum use to ensure our events are ones to remember for all of the right reasons.

When choosing suppliers, quality, reliability and flexibility should be top of the list.  Value for money is also an important factor when you are faced with tight budgets.  Ensure you have a range of suppliers who are able to meet different levels of service and cost.

Regardless of cost, quality needs to be consistent.  Imagine if you were on the receiving end of for example, a goody bag from a company and the contents were inappropriate and of poor quality?  You would point the finger at the event management company and probably not use them again. 

Whether you are looking for a carpenter, printer or venue, make sure you visit, ask to see a list of previous clients and a portfolio.  Any professional organisation will have a history of their works and will be happy for you to reach out to past clients for feedback. 

Reliability & flexibility
It could be a last minute order for a banner to be printed or an additional coach to transport clients – you need to have an understanding of flexibility with your suppliers.  Suppliers do not own magic wands so managing client’s expectations goes a long way to ensure that you are reliable, flexible and can deliver.

Value for money
Often the biggest factor that determines the level of a creative event is budget, however, the cheapest supplier is not always the best.  If you explain to your client that you select your suppliers appropriately & wisely they will understand & accept the levels of service you suggest to fit their budget.
Creative Forum organise events locally and internationally. We reailise the importance of having a network of suppliers who can deliver on time, on budget.  Suppliers play a massive part in our organisation and we have hand-picked a great team to support our vast assortment of projects all over the world.  

Creative Forum’s top tips on selecting suppliers

• From the horses’ mouth.  You can’t beat a recommendation from past clients of suppliers.
• www. The internet has made winning business the easiest it has been for a long time.  A good supplier will have a portfolio and client testimonials.
• Inside industry.  Visit event exhibitions such as Confex to meet potential suppliers face to face and grab a few ideas along the way.
In a nutshell, as this blog begins, you are what you eat.  Suppliers are the clog in a business that keeps things moving.  Choose the right ones and expect repeat business.  Choose the wrong ones and get ready to battle against other event management companies who have the right suppliers in place.

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